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Native American & Southwestern Jewelry at affordable prices.

Turquoise Tour

Turquoise has been treasured as a gemstone by different cultures for thousands of centuries. In the Southwest United States, many indigenous cultures hold turquoise in high regard for its beautiful color and protective properties. For instance, in the Navajo tradition, turquoise is seen as a protective stone, and children are often given their first piece within hours of their birth.

Turquoise is a mineral that is created over time as rain falls to the earth, where it runs through the soil and picks up naturally occurring minerals, such as iron and copper. The water continues its journey into the earth and travels through cracks in rocks. There it sits a a liquid, which over time solidifies into the gorgeous stone we know and love. The color of turquoise can vary greatly, from a bright sky blue, to green, and even slightly yellow. The color variation seen in turquoise comes from the different amount of minerals present during formation. For instance, if there was more copper in the soil the turquoise will look more blue, whereas an abundance of iron gives turquoise a delightful green hue. 

Turquoise is naturally found in dry, arid climates. There are several mines all over the world and in the United States, Arizona is the lead producer, with New Mexico and Nevada close behind. 

Here at Nizhoni Traders LLC, we handpick our jewelry collection to represent and celebrate the natural diversity seen in nature and among Native American cultures. Spend some time browsing our collection to see the pieces that brilliant artists have created with this sacred turquoise stone. Every piece that is handmade by an indigenous artist honors the culture and tradition of the historic Southwest. We hold the cultural significance of each each piece of jewelry in high esteem, and we hope you will find a beautiful piece that speaks directly to your heart.


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