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Native American & Southwestern Jewelry at affordable prices.

Brand New Collections

Check back here often to see all the wonderful new collections as they become available!

Sonoran Gold Turquoise Collection:

We are so excited to offer this BRAND NEW turquoise collection! This is a newly mined stone that has not been on the market for long, as it was just discovered! Sonoran Gold Turquoise is mined in Sonora, Mexico, about 35 miles from the Arizona border. Usually turquoise forms inside veins of rocks where there is copper readily available, but Sonoran Gold forms inside clay as individual stones, leading to beautiful variety in every piece. It delivers an alluring bright green color with flecks of blue and gold.

Diamond Cut Collection:

You will not believe how these pieces sparkle and shine in person! We are in love with the brilliance of this jewelry! This sterling silver has been cut with such precision and delicacy that they catch the light and our hearts!